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Get your fitness back



punch & kick your way to fitness

The empowering outdoor cardio and strength session combining boxing, kicking and self defence techniques. Punch, kick and jab your way through a fun & highly motivating session that will burn calories, build strength and leave you with a healthy sense of achievement - no experience required.

boxIt is conducted at the following times:

Monday 6am & 6:30pm

Tuesday 9:15am



The fastest way to improve your fitness

The ultimate outdoor training session for building maximum fitness, burning calories & increasing endurance. This session ensures massive cardio variety using different terrain, intervals, games, buddy cardio, & cross training. catering for the first time exerciser to the super fit to the first time exerciser to the super fit.

This session is conducted at the following times:

Wednesday 6:30pm

Friday 6am

Saturday 7:30am



strength & sculpt

The ideal outdoor full body strengthening & sculpting session. Using a vast array of tools like the great outdoors, dumbbells, resistance bands, fitballs. Y-Bells and your own body weight to work all muscle groups and create the ultimate firm body.

This session is conducted at the following times:

Monday 8am, Wednesday 6am & 9:15am, Thursday 6:30pm



Look Good, Feel Good

A dynamic strengthening & stretching session enhancing muscle tone, core strength and flexibility. Inspired by pilates and yoga, this session will tone your body, provide postural strength, injury prevention, flexibility, balance, clear your mind & relieve stress.

This session is conducted on Saturdays at 8:40am.



Big calorie burn

HiiT sessions involve short bursts of intense exercise followed by low-intensity recovery periods. HiiT sessions can involve both cardio exercise and strength based exercises. As with all our sessions you work to your level. HiiT sessions are generally lots of fun and you do feel so much better once you have finished.

HiiT is conducted at the following times:

Friday 9:15am

HiiT is also incorporated in our cardio sessions.



A Healthier You

Experience group motivation as you build your endurance, speed and mileage with our runIt sessions. Run, jog or walk around the streets, trails and beach of our beautiful town. Focus on some speed work, hill sessions, endurance training, interval training and threshold training.